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Margarita Machines

How many drinks does one batch make?

Our margarita mix makes 70-75 drinks per batch. All other flavors make half of what the margarita makes.

How many margarita machines do you recommend for large events?




Up to 50

1 machine

1 to 2

50 -100

1 machine

1 to 3


2 machines

2 to3


2 machines

3 to4

Do I need ice to make frozen drinks?

No ice is needed and we also premix everything for you. Our machines will freeze the product while you can entertain your guests.

What do I need to know about a Frozen Drink Rental?

You will need a standard 20A electric plug with no other devices on it. If you use an extension cord, it must be 12 gauge and no more than 15 feet long. If the margarita machine is being placed in a room it must have proper cooling or ventilation. You will have to supply the alcohol if you are wanting it because we do not. Location of the margarita machine must not be in direct sunlight.

What about delivery and pickup?

We will schedule a delivery time and pick-up time range with you. Someone will need to be there during the time range or you could be assessed a $50 late fee if the driver has to wait longer then 15 minutes. If you know you are not going to be able to make your delivery or pick-up time and you call us at least 3 hours before the scheduled time, no late fee will apply. As long as the machine can be picked up in time to be serviced before its next rental.

How do I make payment?

We only accept Cash, Check, or Money Orders. Payment can be mailed to our business address at 110 Cermeno Cove, Kyle, TX 78640 or can be paid at the time of delivery.

Is the delivery free?

Yes, free door-to-door delivery is included in the price of our double margarita machine as long as you are in our free delivery range and have been approved for free delivery. Extra charges may apply if you are outside the free delivery areas or if we have to take the margarita machine through stairs, steep slopes or obstacles where the margarita machine cannot be easily maneuvered. If the event location does have obstacles then you may help the deliverer to save that cost.


All Texas Sized Ritas products are provided completely without alcohol. Texas Sized Ritas does not recommend nor does it encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages and will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting from the consumption of alcohol during or following the use of equipment or products provided by Texas Sized Ritas. We hold the customer responsible for all equipment damages, lost equipment, and all issues that may arise from the use of our equipment.

Don't drink and drive.

Tables and Chairs

Can we pickup chairs?

Yes you can pickup tables and chair to save you the cost of the delivery fee. We however do not allow pickup for margarita machines or tents. Margarita machine and tents must be delivered and setup by Texas Sized Ritas.

How does the delivery and pickup work for Tables and Chairs?

Table and chair rentals are a door-to-door delivery by default. After the rental the chairs and tables must be place in the original location and stacked in the same manner for the delivery driver to pickup.

If you are wanting the chairs to be placed at a certain location or have them setup at a certain location there will be a extra charge depending on the location.


How does the delivery and pickup work for tents?

The price of our tents includes setup cost but does not include the delivery. Delivery depends on location and you must call for a price quote. Tents must be delivered, setup, and pickup by Texas Sized Ritas. Call for delivery prices.

The location for the tent must be a leveled area where the tent can be staked into the ground.

Margarita MachinesMargarita Machines

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